Monday, October 03, 2005
An Excerpt from Kristen's Radio
::All we need is music, sweet music There'll be music everywhere There'll be swingin', swayin' and records playin' And dancin' in the streets::

I had a great random shuffle that really got me going this Monday morning. I thought I would share:

Oh Boy-- Jude

Scarelet Begonias-- Sublime

Quicksand-- Travis

Brown Eyed Girl-- Van Morrison

Arc of Time-- Bright Eyes

Give Judy My Notice-- Ben Folds

Madeline and Nine-- Mike Doughty

Feel Good-- Gorillaz

It's days like this that I have trouble not dancing around like a crazy person as I walk to class. I always have loved those Ipod commercials......


Anonymous Steve Perry said...

if only journey had been on that playlist...

Blogger kristen said...

maybe tomorrow morning. thanks for chiming in, steve.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OT - but interesting. This it the government plan to reduce energy consumption.
I was thinking more along the lines or CAFE or biofuels or something, but I guess this works.

PS - Steve Perry is now in our ranks!? Oh blessed day! I think this is inspiring me to write a fan-fic story about Mr. Perry teaming up with a grizzled veteran of the police force in order to take down an international arms dealer.

Blogger Matt said...

If I could be someone else, I would be Ben Folds. He is amazing.

Blogger kristen said...

Speaking of OT--what was the hunting site that you debaters found last year? The one with the camera/gun? Do you remember that? I want to show it to some classmates....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also Bill~ What is that one T-shirt site that you were shirt of the mo and created your own shirt? I was telling Matt about it and thought was crazy like you to enjoy such sites....either crazy like you or just really is a republican so hates minorites!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First - the website that allows one to hunt from the comfort of your recliner.
They offer quite a bit, ranging from Osama Bin Laden targets (it's a t-shirt, and you get to keep it!) to various wildlife from Africa. You can also get a DVD of the whole thing, just in case your friends don't believe that you're both inhumanly lazy and a gun nut.
Second, the T-shirt thing.... I justify it by claiming that my t-shirt brings much needed attention to the plight of the native americans. Judge for yourselves.
This one will take a little surfing, you have to go to the 'worse than hell' section, then scroll down. It's the only native American t-shirt on the site.
Hey, I just had an idea, I think I could mix the two website ideas. You can relive the experience of systematic genocide of indigenous people with the magic of the internet. All's I need now is to put a camera and a musket on a reservation somewhere...

Anonymous Bill said...

Sorry for the double post, but I was thinking about that hunting website and it blew my mind. Were there really that many people out there thinking "My hunting video game is ok, but at the end of the day I haven't really killed anything. If only there were a way to incorporate the satisfaction of ending life into the whole experience..."

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