Wednesday, October 26, 2005
A few of my favorite things
I think I love the following things more than most *normal* people:
Asian children
Curly hair
Nerdy Guys
Bubble wrap
The first drink out of a can or 20 oz soda
Flip Flops
Dental floss
Buying magazines (and then reading them, of course)
Singing while I drive
Eating food that is so hot it burns all the way down (That's a really weird one)
Ipod commercials (except for the one with Eminem)
Pilot Pens


Blogger Matt said...

I will ALWAYS like potatoes more than you do. But please explain the "Asian children" one. I'd love to hear about that.

Blogger kristen said...

Yeah, Drew told me that that sounds "sketchy" but all it really is that I think they are the CUTEST kids ever. For some reason I am attracted to a lot of Asian people...who knows!

Anonymous Bill said...

What the heck is swiffering!?

Anonymous Bill said...

Oh, and the Uniball is a far superior product to the Pilot. No contest.

Blogger kristen said...

First, Uniball's suck....they put out too much ink and it takes forever to dry...smears all over the place.

Second, swiffering is cleaning with my like a hopped up form of dusting. i LOVE it

Anonymous Bill said...

Hey Kristen - I just wanted to remind you of the massive influence of the Mormon Culture over the US. Hary Reid is LDS. We continue to rule the world!

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