Sunday, October 02, 2005
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::Welcome to the movies! Welcome to the stars! Welcome to this grand illusion. All of it's yours right through these doors! Every plot's a dilly,this we guarantee! Welcome to the movies wait and see::

I pretty much give Athens a thumbs up for everything cultural, social and entertaining. Everything except movies that is. There was an article in the Red&Black a couple of weeks ago which declared Athens "A Horrible Movie Town." I concur. We have a great rental place--Vision Video--but the theatres stink. They sometimes play independents downtown and I have managed to see a couple decent movies--Junebug and The Aristocrats. But basically I sit around looking up other movies and reading all I can about the film festivals and independent releases to keep up on the movie world. So, instead of doing my work today, I decided to share my list of "What Kristen Wants To See" with you! In no particular order....

Where the Truth Lies (Colin Firth and Alison Lohman--two of my favorites)
Romance and Cigarettes (awesome cast in this musical including Mary Louise Parker, James Gandolfini and Steve Buscemi)
Capote (Yey for Philip Seymour Hoffman!)
Brokeback Mountain (this one will probably never come to this area of the bible belt!)
Shopgirl (Can Jason Swartzman be any cuter?)
Everything is Illuminated (Interesting book--really interested in what they do with it on the big screen)
In her Shoes (A special showing--hopefully--while Kourt is here)
Broken Flowers (I had hope that this one was mainstream enough but we have yet to see it here)
Thumbsucker (Even though this isn't getting the best reviews--Vince Vaughn in an indie and he is a debate coach...need I say more?)
Me, You and Everyone We Know (I love movies about awkward relationships!)

Feel free to add on, discuss any of these...For those of you that live in real cities and have seen some--give me your thoughts :)


Blogger Matt said...

Although it's not an indie film, I highly recommend Crash (2004, not crappy 1990s one) to people. As for smaller releases, it might take some hunting, but in highschool I really loved the movie Dreams of an Insomniac. Ignore the fact that Jennifer Aniston was in it, I thought it was pretty good. But then again, that might be because I was a lame junior in high school back then. But whatever.

Oh, and if any big theater groups come through, I've been hearing great things about "Wicked," which tells the stories of the witches from the Wizard of Oz.

Blogger kristen said...

Hey now, I like Jennifer Aniston. Office Space and Good Girl will forever endear her to me. I liked Crash. I didn't seem to like it as much as everyone else did though. But it was good. I'm looking into this "Wicked" you speak of.

When did you work off this lameness?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

history of violence

Anonymous Peter said...

Wow, you're pretty hung up on this discussion of movies you want to see...

Not that it's a bad thing. Just sayin' is all.

Blogger kristen said...

Yeah, I have no life...SO?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got to see Aristrocrats!? I'm jealous. How was it?

Blogger kristen said...

I'm going to add two more--but they are a ways in the future

The Family Stone
Pride and Prejudice

Blogger kristen said...

It was good. A little raunchy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only a little raunchy kristen? That must be why it was only good not great :) I hope In Her Shoes is there the weekend I am there :)

Blogger kristen said...

It is actually already here...I'm a little nervous that it won't still be here actually. Keep your fingers crossed!

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