Sunday, October 16, 2005
Of Montreal
::Maybe I’ll never die I’ll just keep growing younger with you And you’ll grow younger too now it seems too lovely to be true but I know the best things always do--Of Montreal::
Wanted to tell you all about a fun, local band. Of Montreal. Drew turned me onto them and we've been replaying their album over and over and over again! In my opinion, the best song is "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games." Weird, I know! But worth it! Check out their album--The Sunlandic Twins


Anonymous John Boyer said...


If you had started listening to me more about music 5 years ago, you would have been listening to Of Montreal and similar bands ever since.

Also, do they really qualify as a 'local' band? They have done SEVERAL nationwide tours and have quite the national following. Athens is the birthplace of hundreds of bands, but the 'local' ones are the ones that never leave!

Catch up on the rest of the Elephant Six collective next! Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, and many more. Then when you are done with that, move on to the old Kindercore records roster (most of those bands started in Athens), you won't be disappointed. All of the old Masters of the Hemisphere releases are amazing!


Blogger kristen said...

I know, I know!

You make a good point about the local band. I was not aware of their nationwide tours. I've only heard about them playing here in Athens.

I will check out your crazy music. If it makes you feel any better...I only really start to like the music after I make fun of Drew for listening to it. I would still prefer the old stuff any day. But I can't get by in Athens only listening to Van Morrison, the Beatles and Dylan. So times have changed slightly!

You and Deb should come visit--take in some concerts! We would love to have you!

Hope Lafayette is treating you well! Hugs!

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