Monday, October 17, 2005
Stop Complaining!
::But I’d rather be working for a paycheck Than waiting to win the lottery--Bright Eyes::
I've really made a concentrated effort not to complain. I am so privileged to be where I am in life. I am immersed in an amazing academic community, have a great condo, a wonderful support network and means to support myself. I am swamped with work but not under pounds of mud, water and/or rubble. It is almost embarrassing when I hear people (mostly myself!) complaining about gas prices (they are too high), the weather (we need rain), or how little we get paid (sure this is true and I will say it over and over again but at least we get paid!)--the list could go on and on. Today my eyes were opened once again when my I found out my classmate, Becky, was in the hospital recovering from appendicitis and emergency surgery! WOW! Here I was stressing about my work! If I have one complaint about academics it is that we are so, damn self absorbed. Part of that is the fault of the academy. We do our research in isolation. We spend most of our days reading and writing in solitude. Part of it is the nature of the people. Maybe we can only be attracted to this lifestyle if we are self absorbed. What else would keep us motivated? Regardless, I just wanted to say GET BETTER BECKY! And don't stress about your work...It will still be there in a few days. HA! HUGS!


Anonymous Kourtney said...

Just a fun memory for you to think about while your life sucks...I was at a CMU Party the other day and they played Black Betty! I remember meave's wedding party all singing that and then you telling me that that girl's name was actually betty! Oh man....good times! T minus 8.5 days till I see you :)

Blogger kristen said...

Woo HOO! Can't wait! We are going to have a great time!

Anonymous Kourtney said...

LESS THAN A WEEK :) At this time next friday we will be drunk ;) WOOT WOOT

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