Sunday, October 23, 2005
::We have to overcome the idea that everyone is the same::

Finally got to see this movie. Has anyone else caught it? Here is a brief rundown-

1. Better than your average movie. Compared to all the crap that is out right now, I would say this movie is a good bet. I enjoyed it. I would watch it again.

2. I felt that some scenes were forced. I just didn't always buy the dialogue. My main complaint was that the high school scenes weren't always realistic. While I don't have *that* much experience with 17 year olds (thank GOD), I think I know what they don't say. I'm pretty sure that 17 year old girls do not profess to their boyfriend that "they chose him because he was safe and wouldn't hurt her." Just too sophisticated for the age group

3. Additionally, some of the filming techniques were forced as well. I think a strength of independent movies is that they are not tied to a lot of the traditional cinematic traditions. However, this movie wanted to be both. It wanted to be mainstream enough that movie idiots would like it but artsy enough that movie snobs would enjoy it. Obviously I would have preferred they catered to the latter crowd but instead the movie was stranded in limbo. When the director did deviate from the norm it seemed disjointed and interrupted.

4. There were a few amazing scenes that make the movie worthwhile. Specifically the interaction and dialogue between the two brothers was A+++. The younger brother made the movie for me. He was great.

5. Debate was featured prominently which made me happy. Not a lot of movies made about high school debaters! They deserve their glory too. I doubt this fact would be of interest to anyone other than a former high school debate nerd.

Bottom line, the movie is worth your 7 bucks but maybe not purchase worthy.


Blogger bethany said...

As a former casual debater, I can't wait for the world to see the weirdness that is debate. It's about time that makes it into a movie.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


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