Friday, October 07, 2005
You may live in Athens if:
1. You can tell the college students by their bumper stickers--they all support W
2. The only radio stations you can get are country (to represent the townies) or hip hop (coming out of Atlanta)
3. You can name more bars than you can grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations--combined
4. The only thing people talk about is football--and that is the only thing newspapers write about
5. If you want to go out to lunch, you can be sure you are eating either a wrap or a pita (probably from some sort of "pit")
6. You can't get good Mexican or Chinese
7. There are more bands playing than movies
8. Almost every UGA flag is flying beside a confederate one
9. There are cops EVERYWHERE yet you still see all your underaged students on a Friday night
10. Every person has a Nalgene bottle, one of those beaner things for their keys and sunglasses around their neck on that straw thing.


Blogger Matt said...

Oh man, all of this is so true.

Blogger bethany said...

Have you been to Agua Linda? Because I think that that is good mexican. Maybe our definitions vary.

Blogger kristen said...

no, that is the best i have had here so far...

but i am still searching for better!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha that sounds like all the kids from down south in my fav though is that they all wear loafers no matter what the weather and complain if the temp drops below 80...ahah i can not wait for one day to visit ya

Anonymous Anonymous said...

11. Your super cool sister is coming to visit for her birthday.

12. You can't find any drunk food as good as Cook out

I think you accidently forgot to mention those 2 but I am always here to help you along :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your readers DEMAND an update...come on it isn't as if you are busy. I guess you are just "working" a lot ;)


Blogger kristen said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

unless you want an update on my class work, you won't be getting one for a few days.

Sorry to disappoint

Anonymous superman said...

i like how kourt's chosen identity is "anonymous" and then she signs it "--kourt"

Anonymous Kourt said...

Sarcasm noted and quickly forgotten...Maybe I am anonymous but Kourt is my alias punk!

Anonymous tearful superman said...

"noted and quickly forgotten"
you are mean

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