Thursday, November 10, 2005
Broken Flowers
::I'm like your mistress, except you're not even married::

Because everything moves slower in the South, we just got Broken Flowers. And we didn't really "get it" as it came to the Georgia Theatre downtown instead of our regular theatres. But it is actually better to watch movies at the GT can drink beer and don't have to sit through the previews (even though I like previews). We were excited to see this movie but also a little hesitant. In the past, Drew and I haven't been the biggest Jim Jarmusch fans. We turned off Coffee and Cigarettes. However, we love Bill Murray and our trusted IMDB and other reviewers have been loving it. I enjoyed the movie. However, I wouldn't just extend a blanket recommendation. I can understand why A LOT of people wouldn't like this movie.

1. The ending...I liked it. It reminded me of one of my favorite movies--Lost In Translation. It was somewhat left in the air. You are left to draw your own conclusions. I enjoy that. I feel that you are able to interpret the characters enough in this film to accurately hypothesize how the story plays out.
2. I have been attempting to pay more attention to images in movies. So often I get caught up in the dialogue or character development. In this movie I paid attention to camera angles, visual aspects of the scene, etc....J.J. did a great job. There was one particularly good scene where Murray wakes up in his car, alone, in the middle of a field. The visual was a perfect complement to the sad, isolated state of his life at that point. There were other examples but I will let you find them!
3. I like Jessica Lange. Ever since Big Fish, I seek her work out. Only a small part in this movie but it was a part just the same.
4. I loved the variety of characters in this movie. Especially great was the relationship between Murray and his neighbor. Fantastic juxtaposition of personalities and life styles. I loved that part of the movie.
5. You may be thinking...Why wouldn't you recommend this to everyone? Well, it moves SLOW. Jarmusch uses a lot of silence. Silence doesn't bother me (I am used to silence as every time I ask a question in my public speaking class, it resonates in the air). The silence did not disrupt the flow of the movie for me. I think it would for a lot of people. You have to be in the mood to watch a slooooow moving plot.

I would be interested to know what others think when they watch it.


Anonymous Bill said...

Unless you start reviewing Chicken Little or the latest Micheal Bay blockbuster, this Clarion-ite will not be able to join in on your movie reviewing fun. :(

Blogger kristen said...

oh yes....the great Clarion movie selection. We did get to see Sideways that one time

Anonymous Sweet Billy D said...

They only showed that here because there's a clause in the theater's contract. Any movie with a cast member from Wings must be shown. I guess the guy that built the theater (or 'theatre' if you want to be like that) was a big Lowell fan.

Blogger s. cagney said...

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Blogger kristen said...

Um, Cagney, you should have warned there was a SPOILER included in your post! But regardless if the son was real or not...Don's life will never be the same. I loved his journey. Murray is so can completely SEE the metamorphasis that he goes through. I loved that...If people want to believe in the son they can--the ends are the same.

Anonymous drew said...

sorry, coffee & cigarettes kinda sucked.

america's movie population

ps ghost dog was awesome
pps there is a t-mobie commercial on tv with a caffeinated cheerleader and it is fantastic ("i think our cheerleading squad should boycott tuna")

Blogger s. cagney said...

I mean you didn't think that some of those skits were hilarious. The Tom Waits Iggy Pop vignette did not make you laugh? Ghost Dog was great and Dead Man was BRILLIANT! Every great director deserves one flop. Hitch had Marnie and Woody Allen has his last twenty movies.

America's Movie Population But Pretends To Be More Sophisitcated By Criticizing It D.D.S.

Blogger s. cagney said...

sorry for the spoiler, I got rid of it. I will sum up by saying Jim Jarmusch and existentialism are my cup of tea.

Blogger s. cagney said... Drew's American Movie Population joke does not work. Basically I pretentiously referred to the American movie population as something other than myself, and Drew very astutely made me aware of it in his salutation

Anonymous drew said...

(a) my joke will always work. now and forever.
(b) the waits/pop one was funny, and murray/rza/gza was funnyish too, but the rest of it sucked a lot. i do own and enjoy the soundtrack though.

A.D.S.; not too be mistaken for cagney, D.D.S.

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