Monday, November 28, 2005
::Hey, could you stand another drink I'm better when I don't think It seems to get me through, I Am Kloot::
It has been a very busy couple of weeks filled with fun! I will recap a few of the highlights.

1. Headed to Boston and had a fantastic conference experience. Had a mini reunion with my Wake ladies! It was great to see Jen and Denise again. I have missed our crazy times. It was just like old times--lots of drinking, laughing, Jen dancing, meeting crazy people. Those girls are the best. Hopefully I will have pictures up soon on my Shutterfly account.

2. Also got to see Lesley (my future sister!). She has an adorable apartment, great friends and fun bars to hang out at. It was nice to be immersed in her life.

3. It was great to be in the city. Boston is nowhere close to Washington DC in terms of great cities but I still enjoyed shopping, taking public transportation, being in an urban area. Athens has a very urban feel but is still a very small town. Even that small taste of city living makes me want to apply for jobs in cities. Don't want to live in one my whole life but for a few years at least. The activity alone keeps my ADD self occupied.

4. Reunion with all my CMU peeps, too. Lots of sightseeing with Kristi and Nichelle. Bethany was even brave enough to come along! It is so nice to be with people who I have known since I was 19! They always remind me of the Kristen of yesterday. Let's just say I had very meager beginnings! But like they say "Georgia must let anyone in." Thanks ladies!

5. Also went up to MI for Thanksgiving. Even though I shouldn't have taken the time away from work, I had a great time. Drew and I are so lucky that our families go out of their way to spend time with us (and each other!). We literally got to see all of our immediate family. It was such a nice feeling. Also had lots of silliness with the siblings. I'm still wondering "who you?" Again, pictures coming soon!

6. Other randomness--I am so excited for college basketball. I hope Wake gets it together. They've been making us a tad nervous! I also can't believe that the semester is almost over. I simultaneously feel relieved and scared. By all accounts the second semester is even worse. But at least I am half way done with the year. I love that Lesley has Journey for her cell phone ring. I also love that Alison has a sweater with patches on the elbows. She looks so Professorish. If you are looking for a download--pick I Am Kloot, Proof (lyrics above). They are swell. This song is Jarrod's NCA song. It is pretty fitting....

I'm glad I had a great time the past 10 days because the next two weeks are going to be tough. I feel rejuvenated though. Just have to keep typing!


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thought you would like

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I had tons of fun with you in Boston!

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thanks for that laugh....

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