Friday, November 04, 2005
More Randomness
The other day a random person was looking at the sign outside our office door. I turned around and asked if I could help him. He said, "What's a graduate assistant? That sounds fun." I just stared at him, bewildered, and he walked away.

I wrote Drew this e-mail yesterday:
bad news...our swiffer wet jet is broken :(
it is just dripping and leaking EVERYWHERE...made a huge mess...not sure how it happened....i took the solution out and the actual swiffer is resting in peace in our bathtub.
we lost a real friend today...

I have been going to the movies A LOT next up: Shop Girl and Broken Flowers which are both playing in Athens.

We finally found a good Thai place in Athens. We were filled with relief and good food.

I keep locking my keys in my office. I am a dumbass sometimes.

We learned how to use the program EndNote today. It is great. I want to hug it. I wish I could. Instead I will hug LappyToppy (my lap top)

Drew thought of a poker nickname for me-- Mississippi River due to my propensity to win on the river card and the fact that I am constantly forceful. There are also gambling boats on the MR.


Anonymous Kourtney said...

um does your head ever hurt w/ the random stuff going through it ALL THE TIME at a RAPID PACE??? Seriously...I think doctors can give you pills! They are called setatives....find some...NOW

Blogger kristen said...

i know...that's why i release all those thought into my blog!

my blog is therapy

Blogger bethany said...

I used my endnote today. This is clearly the beginning of a good relationship.

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