Thursday, November 03, 2005
North Country
::It takes a lot of energy to hate a person::

A great girl's night last night included this movie! Here are some thoughts:

1. In a shocking turn of events, I am going to HIGHLY recommend a movie. This movie deserves to be supported. To put it bluntly, when SAWII is the number one movie in this country and there are compelling films out there like North Country, something is clearly wrong with society. This film is not just about sexual harassment. It is also a critique of capitalism, industrialism and patriarchy. It sheds light onto a lot of issues which are still present today.

2. As most of you know, I have a girl crush on Charlize Theron. She can do no wrong in my eyes. This movie is not exception. She does a great job with the accent considering she is from South Africa. She did a great job embodying the struggle that Josie went through in all aspects of her life. I'm not 100% sold on the Oscar buzz. I don't feel that she had to work that hard to illicit a lot of emotion. It was a challenging role but just because it required a lot of emotion and depth doesn't mean it should automatically be considered for an Oscar.

3. Frances McDormond, however, was AWESOME. Fargo good. She played a very complex character very well. All the actors were great and she still stood out.

4. I also liked the way the movie handled violence. A lot of bad stuff has happened to Josie. They didn't minimize it but they also didn't sensationalize it. Thank you for not playing into the American people's obsession with violence.

5. My only complaint is that (in true Hollywood style) they had to sensationalize a story which was already sensational enough. It wasn't enough for these women to experience what they did. The powers that be also had to throw in a cheesy ending and villanize a few women along the way. I buy the movie's argument that not all the women supported Josie or were part of the class action suit. But surely more than Josie Aimes were a part of it--hence the CLASS ACTION title. It wasn't even that legally accurate. But hey, if it gets people in the seats...

GO SEE THIS MOVIE and bring Kleenex.


Blogger s. cagney said...

Finally, an American movie that deals with the ever-present issue of class. There have been a few in the past, but it is about time that Americans stop avoiding the abuses that occur because of a capitalist constructed class system.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What no love for Saw 2? I tell you there is all sorts of meaning in Saw 2 you just have to listen closley through the screams:)

Blogger kristen said...

PAUL...please tell me you did not spend your hard earned money on SawII. As your "older sister," I clearly taught you NOTHING. We have a social responsibility to not endorce the violence and ridiculousness that is running wild in Hollywood.

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