Tuesday, November 08, 2005
A peek inside Kristen's Brain
If I worked at the post office, I would constantly wonder what was in everyone's packages. The suspense would kill me.

I hate that song..."Shake your laffy taffy"...how F'ING stupid. Are we that hard up for lyrics? If this is what the music industry has come to, maybe we should stop making music

Shawna likes Mo Rocca. So do I...I was reminded today how cute he is. I could just squeeze him.

I dislike unproductive bitching. See post that instructs people to stop complaining....

As always, Dr. Deluca is inspirational..."Why is it that meth addicitions start in rural areas? They are BORED out of their minds." and “How did this happen…we’re academics, we are paid to think yet we claim we don’t have time. What time we have, we fill with noise.”

I've really been into Death Cab lately...their older album
"My brain's repeating"if you've got an impulse let it out" But they never make it past my mouth"
"When you feel embarrassed then i'll be your prideWhen you need directions then i'll be the guideFor all time. For all time."


Blogger bethany said...

that second one is my favorite deathcab lyric ever. among my favorite lyrics in general ever. I love it.

Anonymous john boyer said...

you need to go further back in your death cab catalog, kristen.

something about airplanes was their first album on barsuk records.

then they released 'we have the facts and we're voting yes', also on barsuk.

pick both of these up if you haven't already.

there are also a few amazing songs on the forbidden love ep.


Anonymous BillyD said...

When I lived in Pittsburgh I had a friend that worked at a mailing service. One time a dude came in and mailed a teddy bear, insuring for the full thousand dollars. I guess that was too much suspense to deal with, the bear was found to be filled with oxycotin. Couldn't really call the police so he just threw them out and mailed the bear.
Another funny story from there - a LARPer came in one day, full dress up, and was mailing a walking stick. In the section of the form that describes what you're mailing, he put "+2 staff of walking".

Anonymous drew said...

(a) what is a larper - i don't understand a word of what you are talking about
(b) i CANNOT believe that i never thought to call you "billy dee" - - you even look like billy dee

Blogger kristen said...

Yes, I don't get that either, Bill

Blogger Matt said...

I had no clue what you meant when you were talking about that Laffy Taffy song until I heard it today sitting in traffic. If there was ever a time I wanted to ram the car in front of me in sheer disgust and annoyance with a song, today was that day.

But instead, I changed the station.

Anonymous Kourtney said...

um....Why is Bill calling himself 'billyd'? I think the RC is much more fitting :)

Anonymous Bill aka BillyD aka The RC said...

Sorry - LARPer is a Live Action Role Player. Someone who takes Dungeons and Dragons WAY too seriously. They dress up like the characters and pretend to live in the world of the game. There's secret hand signals for all the magic spells, including invisibility. Stay far away from these people.

Drew- I'm assuming you're refering to Billy D Williams

Anonymous drew said...

i am

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