Tuesday, November 01, 2005
* Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I pass a bus with the world's youngest driver driving it. He doesn't look old enough to drive a car let alone a bus. Isn't there special training for bus drivers?

* I thought the
Steven Colbert show would be funnier. I am not impressed.

Dr. Deluca always imparts us with lots of wisdom. My favorite came today:
"Stupidity can explain a lot of things. It is a blind spot by many academics. They assume people read. Like Marxists...HELLO...Have they gone to the local pub? The working class are not the saviors of society. People are dumb as rocks."
My second favorite came last week:
"All your social capital is in your books."

* My Ipod's "Random Shuffle" is a sham

* I hate the Milwaukee's Best commercials about being "true men. " They really piss me off.

* I like and excel at charades which is weird since I talk so much

* The texture of lunch meat gives me the willies


Blogger Matt said...

I kind of enjoyed the Colbert report last night. I thought his interview of Jeff Daniels was absolutely hilarious.

And also, I'm jealous of all you McCauliff sisters and your iPods...

Blogger kristen said...

ok, ok...i'll give you the daniels report. that was funny. probably just b/c daniels is funny--he was born in athens and went to CMU. what do you expect?

um...you have an ipod too...you and your itune shuffles

Anonymous Bill said...

Itunes scares me sometimes. If I skip a song, it seems to return to that musician over and over. It taunts me...

Anonymous fancy pants said...

true men don't care that beast commercials piss you off. drink beast.

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