Tuesday, November 01, 2005
The Weather Man
::Do you know that the harder thing to do, and the right thing to do, are usually the same thing? "Easy" doesn't enter into grown-up life... to get anything of value, you have to sacrifice::
Since my sister already saw In Her Shoes ;), we took in this movie instead. I give it one thumb down and one thumb almost down. Here's a break down:
1. I just don't like Cage enough to see him star in a movie. I really enjoyed Matchstick Men so I thought I had gotten over it. Nope. He's still really whiney and one dimensional. I can't really say that he was outright *bad* but I will say that I didn't think his performance was that powerful. Plus, he is only capable of playing the type of character he was in this movie due to his voice and lack of emotion.

2. Faith Davis was underutilized in this movie. She has been great in her bit parts (About Schmidt, Secret Lives of Dentists), I don't know why people don't give her more of an opportunity. I was hoping she would be featured more. Instead, we get Cage.

3. The power's that be tried to do all these "clever" things. It made the script really disjointed and interrupted. I disliked that.

4. The movie was way, way, way too long. They just kept piling more bad and more bad on the family. Cut out some of the bad stuff and the movie becomes managable and realistic. As it stands right now...well, see my thumbs...

5. IMDB gives this movie a 7.7 --I am SHOCKED. So you should listen to me, not them. Save your money!


Blogger One Hit Wonder said...

I totally didn't like this movie either, nicholas cage gets really annoying at times, and I agree, too long!

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