Sunday, December 04, 2005
::Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Millions of peaches, peaches for free::

I always watch my back when I am out and about in Athens. It is a very small town. I am always reminded by this fact. A couple weeks ago, I went to Jimmy Johns for lunch and saw four people I know. And, quite frankly, I don't know that many people. Both times I attended football games, I sat by students I have in class. I don't sit in the student section and the stadium seats about 90,000. So, the statistical likelihood of me sitting near a student is.....slim.

The weirdest evidence of this is my "friend" I keep running into. I met her first when we had technology training together for the building we both teach in. She introduced herself as "peach." Pretty memorable. Since then I have seen her approximately 7 times. The latest was the other day in the library. We shared an elevator. You are probably thinking "Kristen, you are probably just seeing many people who resemble each other. A campus that big? How could you see the same person?" But no. I know it is her. The reason? She has a bright yellow backpack with "Peach" sewn onto it. It makes me think, though. Maybe we see the same people ALL the time but if they have no distinguishable characteristics, we just pass them by. But, thanks to the yellow backpack and Southern name, I remember my Peach. She doesn't remember me, however. If only my name was Tangerine.


Blogger Matt said...

Kristen, you are probably just seeing many people who resemble each other. A campus that big? How could you see the same person?

Anonymous Russell Luce said...


Maybe you are just seeing what you want to see. Maybe you have a secret desire to have a friend named "Peach," but you don't know how to approach her. Maybe you should call yourself "Cream", then you two would have sufficient reason to become friends and be seen together.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

russ that was disgusting...i think thats your fantasy not kristens desires...

Anonymous Kourtney said...

Dear UGA student: It would be greatly appreciated if you could please not stalk people any more! Leave this poor peach girl alone she has done nothing to you! You might be like a baby who is attracted to bright things but do NOT follow them. Consider this your warning!

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