Thursday, December 01, 2005
This is what an *almost* genius thinks about:
Why does my coffee cup's handle get hot on some mornings but not others? This morning, I removed it from the microwave and it was cool. Yesterday, too hot to handle. In all my type A craziness, I microwave the cup for exactly the same amount of time every day.

Is Rick Springfield making a come back? He was on the Today Show.

Today I was putting stamps on all our bills. I put one of the bills in my mouth to stamp the others on the bottom of the stack. I forgot it was in my mouth. I went crazy looking for it. Under all the other bills, on the floor, under the shelves. I kept looking and looking for at least 1 minute....all with the bill in my mouth.

You know how gmail personalizes the ads and news stories that are found along side of your inbox based on the content of your email? That freaks me out. I don't want people reading my mail. If I did, I would support the Patriot Act.

I can't get enough of edamame. We eat it at Doc Chey's and found it at the store. I made it last night and killed it. I am addicted. It is probably weird to be addicted to soy beans.


Anonymous Kourtney said...

Real geniuses are addicted to crack or pot....almost geniuses are addicted to soy beans. It is okay, addmitance is the first step Kristen

Blogger bethany said...

Is the cup always equally full? Is the handle sometimes in a different position? I am flummoxed, my mug handle is always the same temperature.

Anonymous Russell Luce said...

Maybe the kind of coffee you are using is the issue. Depending on the soil and what was used to fertilize the soil, it can dramatically affect the coffee beans, and in turn, the coffee grounds (I'm making a basic assumption here that you don't grind your own coffee, I am sorry if I am wrong). It's possible that some of the grinds react in a different manner because of those chemicals. It can even vary within the cup, because the coffee grinds can be from beans that were in different parts of the field or different fields altogether. Thus, the way the beans react with the heat are going to vary. While ultimately the coffee within the cup warms, how it achieves this process varies. So, sometimes the beans become warmer faster, and the heat must expand to the handle, whereas othertimes this does not occur.

That's what I get for talking to Kate Hertweck, the biology grad student.

Anonymous Peter Venkman said...

too hot to handle, too cold to hold

Blogger kristen said...

These are all good comments.

Kourt- I thought denial was the first step?

Bethany-This is helpful. I have given it some thought and I do not know if the mug is exactly the same amount full every morning BUT I always fill it up so either way it is always over the handle.

Russ- That was very scientific of you. However, I have tea in my coffee cup. I have coffee in my insolated mug. I also have caffiene overdoses.

Peter- you are a funny pants

Anonymous Luce316 said...

That's okay, I made it all up anyways. That's why I am a rhetorician and not a social scientist. They just make up numbers anyways, and people believe it. It's a cult, I am convinced.

What kind of tea? I currently love some loose-leaf blueberry tea.

I think Kourt might be right...denial is the first sign, but I believe admittance is the first step out of the 12-step program. Can't be sure though. Maybe we should ask Dan O'Donnell, I'm sure he's been in the 12-step program at some point.

Anonymous Luce316 said...


Were you talking about the tea or Kristen?

Blogger Matt said...

Google has computers that scan your email for keywords and automatically puts relevant ads next to it. No human intervention at all.

Blogger kristen said...

Russ...I either drink some antioxidant tea or peppermint. yummy

Sure, Matt...just like the Patriot Act only traces people who are suspected terrorists....

Anonymous Kourt said...

Matt~ Again it is comments like that when we think you must support the Patriot act...IE you are a republican ;)

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