Monday, January 16, 2006
What would MLK Jr. Do?
I will never understand why famous people get free merchandise. Call me silly but if someone can afford the stuff anyway, why give it to them for free?! Perhaps the gifts can be given to their assistants, family, or not given at all. In fact, why not put any money that was going to be spent on ridiculous goodies for stars into a bank account that can then be used to cure world hunger or give poor children vaccines...Brilliant!

Let's start with the $47, 405 that is being spent on EACH presenter at tonight's Golden Globes. You read it right, folks--47, 405 DOLLARS in merchandise is being given to EACH Golden Globe presenter. The powers that be did not select presenters from women's clinics, orphanages, or developing nations. No, they chose them from Hollywood's A List. Kate Beckinsale, Adrien Brody, Penelope Cruz, Tim Robbins, Paul Walker, Luke Wilson and the cast of “Will and Grace” will all be receiving: a trip for 2 to Antartica and Canada with "winter gear," one pair of diamond encrusted jeans worth over $1,000, a $300 vacuum and much, much more. From what I can tell, there are about 30 presenters for the show tonight. Let's see...30 times 47, 405.....(*carry the two*....*add the remainder*)... 1,422,150. This amount is also known as--A SHIT LOAD OF MONEY.

If you'll excuse me...I have to go call Sally Struthers to see how many children we can sponsor.


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