Monday, February 27, 2006
Bedtime Stories

Not that I would have trouble explaining myself but it may help to have pictures and fuzzy characters.

Now, if only I could find a book entitled "Why Mommy doesn't let you play with Barbies or go to DisneyWorld"


Blogger bethany said...

sweet. I can only imagine the babysitter's reaction to your kids' favorite book... (soon followed by "mommy, will you read me the new york times?" or "help me write in my blog!")

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love squirrels. the sample pages of that book are funny (especially the one about keeping safe from what appears to be a charging elephant)

Blogger quakerdave said...

Love it, love the squirrels.

I'm buying one to donate to the local library collection. Can we get the ball rolling on this? Maybe all chip in one to our local branch? My local library has at least SIX copies of Fraulein Coulter's last collection of crap: there's probably no money left for one of these.

Blogger kristen said...

Love the idea. I am IN.

Blogger quakerdave said...


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