Monday, February 13, 2006
Press Corps?!
::And I'm an expert at pretending nothing's wrong:: Patrick Park

The "liberal media" must have been off supporting communists on Saturday. That is the only plausible explanation for why it took over 24 hours for the news of Dick Cheney's hunting accident to hit the headlines. Sure, sure...accidents happen and spraying a Republican donor in the neck, face and torso with shrapnel doesn't make you a bad person. But hiding it for 24 hours makes you seem like a dishonest person (all readers take a collective sigh now). The Bush admin is saying that they left it up to the property owner to report it to the press. Obviously *she* should report it. Why bother the White House Press Secretary? But the bigger problem here is that the mainstream media fails to take note when the motorcade goes speeding by en route to the hospital?! The Vice President is "hunting" (and by hunting, I mean shooting all crazy in a field where the game had been led that morning) and there appears to be an accident with an injury and NO ONE investigates? That communist rally must have been FIERCE.


Anonymous the guy in the room said...

the bush administration, ever the defenders of privacy rights, did not want to infringe upon the property owner's opportunity to report the incident to the press.

Blogger kristen said...

good point...ohhh the irony.

Anonymous BillyD said...

You see - if Dick had been hunting via the internet, none of this would have happened.

Anonymous Kourtney said...

I personally think that good ole "Richie" must really love Grey's anatomy and just wanted to attempt to recreate last 2 weeks all things that administration has done it failed!

Oh~ welcome back to the commenting world Billyd :)

Anonymous drew said...

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