Monday, February 20, 2006
What the Bleep Do We Know
Sold as a "quantum fable," this movie is part documentary, part story, part science, part comedy. Very hard to explain but I enjoyed it very much. The movie explores the limits of human knowledge and discovery. It challenges common perceptions of reality, God and the brain. I particularly liked the discussion of religion and God. I won't say much about it because I want you to frame your own opinions but I would highly recommend it to many people who read this blog. You have to get over the cheesy "special effects" and just listen to the interesting information.


Blogger Katherine said...

Oh, man, those special effects are wild. And the substory has the same flavor as an after school special. The commentary itself was interesting, although I was really frustrated that they didn't include the speakers' credentials in the documentary. I like to know where people are coming from, y'know?

Blogger kristen said...

The after school special characterization is right on. You know, I hadn't noticed the lack of credentials during the film but then I noticed at the end (as they were shown) that I had assumed some of the people should I say this...maybe alternative healers? Or people who were (at the very least) of lesser importance than they were. The people used in the film are POWER HOUSES! It made it all the more interesting when you found that out!

Blogger Katherine said...

Yes, for the most part. But the whole Ratha character threw me. The middle-aged blonde lady named J.Z. Knight is apparently channeling Ratha... from the WT$*#DWK website:

One of the great enigmas that scientists have studied in the last decade is Ramtha, a mystic, philosopher, master teacher and hierophant. His partnership with American woman JZ Knight, his channel, still baffles scholars. Results of their studies point to a decidedly non-local phenomenon and were presented at a conference titled “In Search of the Self – The Role of Consciousness in the Construction of Reality” on February 8 and 9, 1997. At this gathering scholars from faculties of Quantum Physics, Parapsychology, Anthropology, Sociology and Theology who had studied Knight for two years, presented their findings.

Using a sophisticated polygraph, noted parapsychologists Ian Wickramasekera and Stanley Krippner of Saybrook Graduate School repeatedly observed that while JZ Knight is channeling Ramtha, the readings of her brain-wave activity shift to delta, and that the lower cerebellum operates her body which talks, walks, eats, drinks and dances while Ramtha teaches – about the mystery of mind over matter.

Through a coherent system of thought that unifies scientific knowledge with esoteric knowledge of spirit, his students study biology, neurophysiology, neurochemistry and quantum physics. Like Bohm he declares that consciousness is the ground of all being. In his own lifetime 35,000 years ago he learned to separate his consciousness from his body, raise its frequency and eventually take it with him. He has been one of the few human beings to become an eyewitness to the seen, and, the unseen.

I am utterly baffled by this, especially when it's posted alongside the bios of decidedly more mainstream scholars.

Anonymous BillyD said...

I have to agree, the movie seemed to a strained attempt at infusing spirituality into modern physics. I don't know why, but a lot of people are really afraid of determinism and try to infuse mysticism into science.

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