Saturday, March 25, 2006
But what kind of nations are we building?

Sooo, you know how I'm against the war and all? Know how the idea of "nation building" makes me all anxious and things? Well, stories like THIS don't help.

We've heard all about the Afghan man who converted to Christianity facing death. But now ABC News is uncovering the risks for women under the new Iraqi government. Remember, historically, Iraq was one of the more "liberal" Middle Eastern countries in terms of women's rights. Obviously, women's rights needed (A LOT of) work but at least women were able to attend college, work outside the home and were recognized as legal citizens. The hope was that Iraq would continue down the paved path of equality. Remember statements like THIS from Bush??

"We're improving roads and schools and health clinics. We're working to improve basic services like sanitation, electricity, and water. And together with our allies, we'll help the new Iraqi government deliver a better life for its citizens."
Yeah, well who is looking out for the women (they are citizens, too!)? Now...they don't have sanitation, electricity, clean water OR the right to work outside the home. Now...they don't have paved roads let alone paved paths to equality.

Hmmmm. So, we went into Iraq in order to fight terror and search out WMD's. Those reasons were unfounded but we were still able to use the "liberation" excuse (and by "we," I mean "they")--selling the equality narrative all over the mainstream media. But now? Well, now it appears we are just building global intolerance.



Blogger quakerdave said...

I'm shocked. Simply shocked.

You mean, that by adopting American-style democracy, the Iraqi people are instituting laws and policies that repress women?

Mission accomplished.

Blogger kristen said...

Well said...I was trying to fit a witty comment like that in the post somewhere ;)

Anonymous Kourt said...

This is a huge topic in "debate world" with the resolution to increase human rights. You would be amazed at the meds alone that the men will not allow the women to have (such as treatment after birth) b/c it isn't "necessary" It makes me cringe thinking and hearing about it.

On the flip side, women there say they don't want to run for office b/c they are afraid they will get shot at so they want body guards. I am not sure the feminist in me agrees with this. The male politicians are also in danger....

Blogger kristen said...

Eh...I don't know. It isn't unfeminist to want body guards. Men can have body guards as well.

In a world where women are constantly under attack (esp in that neck of the woods!), they have reason to be scared. If they need/want bodyguards to feel safe then GIVE IT TO THEM--that gets more women in office.

In my opinion....

Anonymous Kourt said...

Maybe....but them being female and running for office aren't the only reason for the danger. The danger would call for said body guard all the time, IMO. Don't say you don't run for office b/c you don't have a body guard. If you want to run...get a body guard and run.

On a side note: Sometimes your word verification says I don't have the right letters even though I do...Is it trying to tell me my comment is too bad to leave?!? :)

Blogger kristen said...

Yeah, but that is their point... that in order to run they need a bodyguard. Why should ANYONE (man or woman) be prevented a bodyguard? If they want a bodyguard they should have one. If they are prevented from protection, it is sexism in action. "no you can't run for office because you can't have a bodyguard." What a clever way of making sure no woman runs.

Sexism comes in all forms--including intimidation.

As for the word verification: It means that the program messed up. It does it all the time. No idea why. But it keeps the spammers out SO DEAL WITH IT :)

Anonymous Me again said...

Maybe I didn't make myself clear in isn't that they are being DENIED the body guard...they can if they want there is nothing stopping them in the status quo (that is what we run against the case :) the women (and some men) seem to be simply talking about the lack of body guards and not just getting one. It seems to me, and I could be wrong, that there are cries for a need of body guards before they run but that legislation saying "here I provide you with a body guard" will never happen. Get off your "hump" and get one for yourself. Don't wait for them to hand you one....I think that my problem lies in the women wanting independence but then waiting for the gov't to hand them the body guard to achieve that.

**I never get spam on MY is that cool :)

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