Sunday, March 26, 2006
Happy Day!

Mom is visiting us in sunny Georgia. It is nice to have the company, cooked meals, purchased groceries AND presents from Borders. Because I live under an (impoverished) academic rock, I had no idea Van Morrison had a new album out. It only includes two new tracks but his voice makes the purchase worth it. Lots of classic country.

EDIT: And THIS just in....TIME is reporting that if mid-term elections were held today, the Republicans would lose control. HERE'S to hoping!


Anonymous Kourt said...

Um...hello...what did I get at the bookstore?!?! :)

Blogger kristen said... is visiting ME

Anonymous The fav daughter said...

She is trying to make up for you not being her fav....It is obviously me and now she feels bad!

Anonymous drew said...

i got stuff too.

Anonymous The fav said...

She is still trying to buy your love....

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