Wednesday, March 22, 2006
If I were a political consultant
Thanks to Shakespeare's Sister for the heads up on this story.....

I have long been fascinated with the idea of authenticity and political candidates. I think Presidential candidates (specifically) do better when they are true to themselves. A couple cases in point: Bill Clinton

Of all the many reasons I love Bill, his womanizing is not one of them. You just look at the guy and get a feeling that *maybe* (just maybe) he is a little swarmy when it comes to the ladies. He is not a good husband. Not someone I would want to have as a father. However, he was authentically swarmy. He took ownership of his personality--apologized for it when necessary and revelled in it when possible. I think that is why he resonated with voters. We knew what we were getting with him. (And then we also got a decreased unemployment rate, one of the lowest abortion rates, really close to Middle East peace, etc)

George W. Bush

This time, authenticity isn't working out so well for us....but here is another man who really resonated with the public. He is not well spoken, he does not read the news, he likes to be outdoors, he has a southern drawl. These things turn me off BUT some people EAT IT UP. They love that he is authentically "red neck" (as so many bumper stickers claim). There are no surprises with Bush. We can count on him to mispronounce things, smirk and lean on the podium. And it is safe to say the Religious Right knew EXACTLY what they were getting.


*SIGH* I wish Al Gore had figured it out (or asked my opinion). I would have told him to air THIS video. It is FANTASTIC. The best part is that he owns his personality. He is not apologetic. LOVE IT!

He didn't go as far as I would have liked...and that is to say "You know what, America? What this White House needs is a straight shirt in it...You can believe that I won't be picking up any interns--I'm far too boring."

* may get you chocked up thinking of what might have been


Blogger barefoot_mistress said...

Very good! I loved Clinton, and I dont care who he sleeps with....he has an addictive personality, and could not resist what was put in front of him, but he is a good man.

Bush is a total dickhead and we are so f****d if we dont get rid of him and his regime...

Blogger bethany said...

awww... I loved Gore before for being methodist and environmentalist and talking about it (he published an interview in Christianity Today, much to the distress of the christian right). And now I REALLY want him to be president. alas. I couldn't vote for him. or not vote for him.

Blogger binerman said...

I don't know of predictability can be said to necisarily demonstrate authenticity. Just a thought...


Blogger kristen said...

I don't know...I certaintly think the opposite is true. Gore is a great example. When he brought in a variety of consultants and changed everything from his speech pattern to his ties, he was def. seen as inauthentic. Same for Kerry. I think if you can predict what someone will say or how they will behave, you see them as more authentic as they are consistent so that must be who they really are.

of course, someone could be consistently acting inauthentic. BUt if they are consistent enough, doesn't that become their authenticity? Wow--that is circular!

Blogger quakerdave said...

Gore lost to Bush in the first two minutes of the first debate in 2000. After the very first question, he said, "Governor Bush and I agree on more things than we disagree on." Ask my wife, she was there: I threw a pillow, I screamed a few bad words, and then stated the obvious, that Gore would not win. Didn't think it would be that close, but I was right. Even with all those funny noises and frowny faces that he made that evening, that people gave him such a hard time over later on, he lost it right there.

Gore is great when preaching to the choir. He's great when the crowd is with him. When he goes head to head with the enemy, he wilts. If he runs again, he will lose again. Not because he wouldn't make a fine president: I voted for him, and supported him. It's because he has no guts.

If only Paul Wellstone... anyway...

The Democratic party needs to clean house and bring in some new blood. No more Gore, or Kerry (God save us), or Hillary, for that matter. We need to stop living in the past, and that means dumping our old boyfriends (or girlfriends) for good.

Blogger quakerdave said...

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Blogger kristen said...

Ah. So you are one of THOSE ;)

One of the democrats that hate our losers!

Joking aside...I am with you. We need to clean house. But I think Gore had GREAT ideas. I have a soft spot for him. Poor execution, yes, but good ideas. I don't want a president to entertain me. I also don't want a centrist who agrees with ANYTHING dubya says!

Hopefully you can put down the pillows in 2008!

Anonymous Kourt said...

It will be hard to find some one who agrees w/ what Bush has to say since his approval rating is now below 36%! Lets hope for some one very much NOT like Bush!

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