Thursday, March 23, 2006
I'm becoming my mother
Since high school, I have had a MAJOR problem with sleep walking and talking. And by MAJOR, I mean I've woken up in hotel hallways with no idea where my room was or how I had gotten outside. Oh yes, I turn on lights, open doors, carry on conversations and then suddenly wake up and wonder what the hell I am doing. The incidents intensify when I am sleep deprived and/or stressed out. My mom did the same thing when she was younger. Although, she recently told me that she hadn't done it in years.

Sunday night Drew was startled awake by me--bolting out of bed and lunging at the window. Then I just stood in the corner and appeared to be trying to move the curtains and open the window. I quickly woke up, came back to bed and explained the dream (that I still remembered). Our building was being evacuated but we couldn't get out any way other than the window. I was still terrified when I came back to bed. The next day I talked to my mom on the phone and she said she had an "incident" the night before. She woke up to herself laughing and pulling on her curtains. She was having a dream that she was hanging her curtains and couldn't get them to hang right. She was still laughing as she got back into bed.

Do I need to even say it? Like mother like daughter.


Anonymous Kourt said...

HOLY CRAP! you guys had that on the same night??? That is too crazy! I am glad I don't have that since I am a heavy sleeper I would never wake up!

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