Sunday, March 19, 2006
Drew's mom was there to meet us at the airport. As we walked, I told her all about the clothing I had brought along. I told her that I had broken out the "good boots." My fancy, expensive boots that were so nice that I never wore them for fear of ruining them. But a wedding shower--that calls for the "good boots." I assured her I would show her the boots as soon as we got home.

We waited and waited for our third bag.....and waited.

I happened to look over at the baggage desk and saw our bag. It was muddied and ripped. I went running over and the airline worker told me that Northwest had run over my fallen bag. I was stunned. I held up my GOOD BOOTS. They were covered in toiletries and mud. Had been shredded by some mystery vehicle.

Good bye boots. Wish I had enjoyed you more......


Anonymous drew said...

i never liked those boots.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG...i cant believe that. Poor boots. I would have cried. Did they at least comp you??

Blogger kristen said...

Yes, they comped us...BUT i can't find boots since everyone has their summer stuff out. I bought some but am not as happy with them. OH WELL...such is life.

There was 400 some dollars of damage. CRAZY

Anonymous BillyD said...

I'm sorry to here about your loss Kristen. And how the hell do you run over a bag on the runway? The only thing going faster than 15 mph out there is the plane, and I'd bet they didn't drop your bag in the middle of any take-off paths. Anyways, click the hyperlink on my name to cheer yourself up.

Anonymous Kourt said...

But they did comp you for 9 West shoes and not target ones. Lets not forget the great excuse it gave you to go shopping for new bags and shoes :)

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