Thursday, March 02, 2006
Read, Set, BLOG

I'm getting ready and so is my friend Bethany. Hopefully we can all BLOG AGAINST SEXISM! I already have some rants stored up!


Anonymous Kourt said...

I am so not right in the head...I was just going to comment that I am unable to blog on that day since you have not given me the date...alas...I found the need to worry :)

Blogger Matt said...

How do you have time to blog amongst all of you cooking and cleaning for Drew?

Blogger kristen said...

ah, hahahahaha

*clearing throat*
the cleaning is for me. the cooking is for no one

Anonymous Anonymous said...

she earns "blog time" for house chores and GBD (good behavior days). it is a part of our relationship contract.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ps your word verification tests are hard, i get probably get 1 in 5 wrong

Blogger E. said...

Fuck cooking and cleaning. Rant! We're ready for it.

Then when you're done check out my blog against sexism. Oral Hygiene Queen at the link below.

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