Sunday, March 26, 2006
Sparkling Dinner Conversation v. 3

Did you catch This Week with George Stephanopoulos? It was a great show this week. The highlight for me was all the coverage of global warming. He featured Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (D), who was discussing his commitment to reducing our addiction on foreign oil. HE WAS FANTASTIC. The best line was when he said that we need a president who will challenge the American people to change their lifestyles in order to decrease our dependence on foreign oil. He then issued a challenge to ALL OF US to be responsible consumers. It was heartfelt and earnest. ATE. IT. UP.

It is always great to see Dem's speaking their mind in a honest, articulate, inspiring way. I would love to chat with Governor Schweitzer (he can bring his wife!). He is extremely interesting, intelligent and seems like a fantasic visionary. Hmmm, maybe all the dems in the beltway should have dinner with him!

Something Drew and I did today....CHECK IT OUT. How big is your carbon footprint? Ours was disappointingly large considering how conscious we try to be.


Anonymous size 17 footprint said...

"surprisingly large"!?!?
we're still below the national average! dang

Anonymous size 17 said...

oops, you said "disappointingly large" not "surprisingly large," didn't you...
that kinda takes some of the wind out of my comment, apologies to all

Blogger quakerdave said...

The fact that this guy makes so much sense and is so smart tells you he will never be a Democratic nominee for President.

Or am I just being cynical?

Blogger kristen said...

Yes, cynical....understandable but cynical.

But ever the hopeful optimistic, I am going to continue thinking that ONE OF THESE DAYS, we're going to get it.

Blogger Dave Tibergien said...


I didn't see it, but I TOTALLY listend to the PODCAST.

See how cool I am?

Dave Tibergien

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