Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Sparkling Dinner Conversation v.2

Sooo he chews tobacco.
Sooo he plays the congos naked.
He's wicked sexy, authentic and has just the right amount of hippy to please this lady.


Anonymous Kourt said...

He can come to dinner with you right after he gets done with dinner with me...Him and I....we are tight ;)

Side note~ Matt didn't get the joke either

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I dont get it either.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he can come to my house after dinner w/ you two...he'll be ready to work off all those meals and I will be more than willing to assist him;)


Oo and i got the comment kristen...hello people
Dont feel bad we were talking abotu carter and reagan in my class and these girls didnt know who they were

Blogger kristen said...

Okay, seriously?! I consider my readers pretty smart. Yet they can't figure out my joke at THIS michigan/#comments

blog. I would encourage people to take a look and see if they get it. Maybe I am just too witty for the regular population.

Anonymous Kourt said...

You can call it "witty" if you want...others might call it something that isn't able to be written on a family site!

Blogger Matt said...

I don't think I like him for the sole reason that ALL girls like him. Way to be a mainstream comformist, Kristen. :)

PS Charlize Theron would totally be my "Sparkling Dinner Conversation" choice.

Blogger kristen said...

It is weird that you would say that. Charlize is someone who is on my list for my next entry. I love her for so many reasons. I am more attracted to her than A LOT of men. And I mean A LOT.

And yes, I am a total conformist. It is what I do...conform

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