Monday, April 10, 2006
OCD Shopping
So, one nice thing about living in the south is the fantastic customer service. People go out of their way to be polite. Most of the time I appreciate it...MOST OF THE TIME.

The one exception is the grocery store....I don't like people helping us out to the car with our groceries. I don't like having to make awkward conversation with the person pushing the cart all while feeling guilty that they are doing this stupid task. I don't like them loading our stuff into our car...BLAH.

BUT...I really don't like what happened this weekend at the grocery store. Allow me to retell the story

Clerk: Oh, you gotta let me earn my living here. *grabs groceries and starts putting them on the belt*

Me: *startled (Since he came bounding around the corner very quickly)* Oh! *polite laughter* No, No, don't have to do that. We've got it

*sidebar* and by "we've" I meant "me." I like to unload my own groceries. I like to put them in a certain order on the cart. I calculate the order the items will go down the belt and how they will get put in the bag. I design it so all similar items go into the bags together and it is easier to put them away. I also like all of my cheese, meat, coldish stuff to be together. I hate when the bags have an awkward shape and fall all over in the car.

Me: *aggressively rearranging the items* No, don't have to do that.
Clerk: No, son said I had to get out of the house and find something to do with my time.
Me: Hmmmm

Then, it became a race for me to rearrange all the items before they reached the scanner. It was a crazy amount of stress. I felt my heart beating in my ears. As we walked out of the store, I mentioned to Drew that I felt bad that that man unloaded our groceries. He said, "you don't feel bad. You're just upset that he touched our stuff and screwed up your order."


In other grocery store news (thats something you don't read on a blog everyday)...We've really had a hard time finding one we feel "at home" in. We really only have two choices--Kroger and Publix. And while we have 5 Kroger stores to choose from, we've yet to find one that is OUR place. And our trusty dusty Blue Pages book says this about them:

Total contributions- $21,000 (10% to Democrats and 90% to Republicans)
Has a written nondiscrimination policy covering sexual orientation but not gender identity. Refuses insurance coverage to domestic partners.

Total contributions- $21,000 (11% to Democrats and 89% to Republicans)
Has a written nondiscrimination policy covering sexual orientation but not gender identity. Refuses insurance coverage to domestic partners.

So much for choice...


Blogger Matt said...

No way. I refuse to believe that someone is as OCD with their grocery shopping as I am. I deliberately unload and group my items into little pockets on the conveyor belt that would make perfect bags worth for the bag boys. Big things first, then cans/boxes, then red meats, then cold things, then white meats (can't get their juices mixed together), and finally my bread and chips. If they squish my bread, they die.

And nothing pisses me off more than when the checker lady just starts grabbing stuff willy-nilly with complete disregard to my system. I just have to clench my fists and look away. Ugh.

Blogger kristen said...

Um..yeah, you are a freak.

Thankfully I am WAY more normal than that.

You'd go crazy down here!

Anonymous Kourt...the normal one! said...

Um, why can't it be a bag girl and a checker boy? Why do you have to be so sexist matt? Either way, you both are crazy. Your system does NOT save you any time! It just moves the time spent to a different time of spending that time! Now, it takes you longer to organize your cart and unpacking the cart then it does to put them in your car or away! Bagging and checker PEOPLE (matt!) love to just mess with you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

grocery baggers are professionals, people. you all need to relax. if kristen and matt ever shopped together, they'd never make it out of the store, instead spending the greater part of the afternoon reorganizing entire aisles.

Blogger Matt said...

Kourt, your constant use of exclamation points makes me read your comments in a very excited manner, like you're breaking ground on some new earth-shattering theory.

Now. I said checker lady because the grocery store I worked at only let girls be checkers. Ditto with bag boys. Or, maybe I'm just a huge misogynist.

ANYWAYS, just because I have a better way of organizing everything around me doesn't mean I would do necessarily do it... like re-organize grocery aisles... eventhough they need it...

Anonymous Normal One said...

"Or, maybe I'm just a huge misogynist." Matt~ saying there is a problem is the first step to correcting it....thank-you for letting us be a part of that first step you have taken! (was that too many !! marks again? Or were you not as excited to read this one...I do think it is ground breaking you have made this first step though!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Blogger Matt said...


Blogger kristen said...

um...what is going on here?

stop it, you two

Anonymous Kourt said...

Kristen don't even try to act like you weren't excited to see so many comments on here :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

please stop using this blog as a flirting ground. please just stick to pulling each other's hair and writing "do you like me [] yes [] no" notes.

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