Sunday, April 09, 2006
The Red and Black revisited
I received a text on Friday morning from my friend Bethany who said there was lots of fun to be had with the Red and Black that day. I had a copy in my bag which is rare since I had given up reading it after THIS post. But I like to have some material to talk to students about before class each Friday so I try to browse the paper. I anxiously read looking for the "fun" that Bethany referenced. I thoroughly enjoyed the "news" article about getting some "TLC at the SLC" (which took more room than the story about Pappa Bush AND Edwards speaking on campus that day) and smirked knowingly at the article about the Georgia women posing in playboy (I'm not even going to link to that story because I don't want to further objectify the women). But, hey, I get it--it is a student newspaper that reports the happenings at UGA. Whatever. I was doing okay until I saw THIS opinion blurb....

"University officials decided this week to let the Student Government Association take hold of The Key, keeping it in its original form on the SGA Web site this semester and enhancing it later. Besides syllabi, we’d like to see body shots of all professors and their attendance policies to decide if at least eye-candy will keep us awake in class."

Ummm, WHAT?! I was dismayed. I AM dismayed. I said it to a group of students and I will say it again....We (as a university) are better than this. The students deserve better content. Academic work deserves more respect. I find it hard to believe that the collective student body of UGA demand "eye candy" to stay awake in class. If the Red and Black are going to count themselves as spokespeople for the 30+ thousand students that attend UGA, they should actually share intelligent opinions.

Oh, and at a basic level, the sentence doesn't even make sense. A poorly written and ridiculous sentence. AWESOME.


Blogger bethany said...

seriously. I think the tone of the blurb was meant to be light, but even giving voice to those kinds of attitudes is disgusting.

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