Sunday, April 23, 2006
The Squid and The Whale
We have been wanting to see this movie for a LONG time. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Laura Linney and the plot really had me intrigued.

Now, it wasn't the most hopeful movie to watch two months before your wedding, but it was extremely enjoyable just the same. . . .

The movie tells the story of two brothers experiencing their parents divorce. The script smartly weaves the complex relationship of separated parents and conflicted children. The dialogue is frank and stinging. The actors do a fabulous job telling this immensely personal story.

I was really touched by the movie and while I would only recommend it for mature audiences, I would highly recommend it. I look for the oldest son (Jesse Eisenberg) to be in lots of other projects. He was a stand out.

A few interesting tidbits...Bill Murray was originally slated to play the father but pulled out of the project after filming Broken Flowers. While I could watch Bill Murray in pretty much anything and enjoy myself, I can honestly say that he would have been perfect for this role. However, Daniels was great as well. ALSO, it was produced by Wes Anderson (which will be a selling point for many that read this blog).

Yeah, you should watch it....


Anonymous peter said...

If you like Jesse Eisenberg, he plays a similar role in Roger Dodger. Good movie. Right up your alley*.

*Well maybe not YOUR alley.

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