Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Warning: Violent Content
It is easy to deny people rights when they are consistently painted as your "other." It is very easy to think of people as less than human (deserving of no rights) when you play a video game which gives you points to KILL them.

The game is called "Border Patrol," and it challenges players to kill as many illegal immigrants as they can. The computer game puts the player in charge of guarding the border with a loaded gun. The goal to kill as many people as possible, including pregnant women and children.

You get extra points for killing women as they are "breeders."

The good news: *some* people are up in arms over this--they understand the extreme danger of a "game" with these lessons.

The bad news: those same people probably allow their children to play Grand Theft Auto which instructs players to attack prostitutes who are standing on street corners.

Geez...I wonder what video game the Duke Lacrosse players played?



Blogger binerman said...

Ok, so this isn't directly related to this post in particular, but I think you will enjoy it. (I came across it in my research on Wikipedia... I know... Don't ask...)

Blogger kristen said...

Thank you. I can't wait to find out what you were looking for when you came across suicide bomber Barbie!

This provides a really helpful analysis!

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