Saturday, May 27, 2006
Wanted: Blogging to Resume
Things are CRAZY....crazy.

In the past two weeks we have attended two graduations in two different states (YEY ALISON AND LESLEY!), traveled to Michigan for the summer and will be attending two weddings this weekend. Not to mention planning our own....

Needless to say, the traveling has put a halt to my blogging. And it isn't that I have nothing to say. Ohhhh, I do. But for the purposes of this morning, I will just spew out some randomness.

OK. Go and buy the Dixie Chicks' new album. DO IT! Right now! Because IT. IS. GREAT. I cannot say enough. Granted, I like country music. And I dislike the war (not sure if you knew that). But there are lots of other reasons to purchase the album--great lyrics, great singing and the whole idea of supporting female artists. I particularly like track one.

My friends from high school Married their high school boyfriends Moved into houses in the same ZIP codes Where their parents live But I, I could never follow No I, I could never follow I hit the highway in a pink RV with stars on the ceiling Lived like a gypsy

I'm not making too much progress on my movie and book list mentioned before but I do have two books to recommend. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott and American Theocracy by Kevin Phillips. If you are a writer who sometimes gets frustrated by a lack of skill, creativity and inspiration read Lamott. If you are an American who is concerned with the government's entanglement with oil and religion read the second. Orrrr, just read both!

But one thing you can skip--The Family Stone. OH WOW. Bad movie. It had A LOT of promise. Great cast. But everything else stunk. Totally unbelievable premise. Horrible dialogue. Just BOOO. BOO this movie.

Anyway...that pretty much sums it up. Once I am someplace stable I hope to get back to the politicking on this blog. I have a lot to talk about...The Hayden confirmation, the Snow resignation rumors, the fact that we saw Mark Warner and Condi speak.....

Sorry this blog has turned into a movie and book review site.


Blogger quakerdave said...

1. I missed you: glad you're back.
2. With you on the "busy busy busy" part.
3. "Bird by Bird" is wonderful.
4. "The Family Stone" was indeed awful. We lasted all of 25 minutes, then out of the DVD player it went, right back to NetFlix. Yuck. However, we finally caught "Transamerica" last night. Fantastic.

Anonymous kourt said...

My question about Family Stone is that son really deaf? He plays that in 2 movies so is he just type casted or is he really?

I felt one prob w/ this movie was the amount it had going on in it....take out one of the family member's problem. Every family has a normal ours it is me ;)

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