Friday, June 09, 2006
Marjority Murtha?

So today John Murtha announced that if the Dem's win control of the house in November he will run for majority anyone who reads this blog probably knows, Murtha is notoriously anti-Iraq (not really anti war or anti military) and made some limited rounds on the Sunday talk shows a few months back calling for an immediate pull out. It is unclear if this decision is backed by the Democratic Party.

...I'm torn. I think IF this motivates lefties/anti war peeps/anti Peloski Dems to get out and vote in November he deserves a big pat on the back. BUT after witnessing some of his sub-par press performances, I worry that he is going to be another Dean. He has a lot of great ideas, gets people talking BUT also serves as a big ole' target for the word contorting right.* As someone who never thought we would be in Iraq in the first place, I favor a pull out BUT even my military inept mind is skeptical of Murtha's "we'll just leave" strategy.

Who is a political risk for the democrats...maybe he deserves the pat on the back just for jumping in head first.

* See the picture for a great example

** The picture does not express the views of the author of Delightfully Dawgmatic

Edit: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Murtha's announcement probably made some people unhappy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if it gets ppl talking about something other than illegal immigration and gay marriage, its a positive move.

Blogger kristen said...

Maybe...except I think the Dems should continue to talk about gay marriage. They should talk very loudly about how they FLAT OUT SUPPORT IT.

Blogger quakerdave said...

Murtha is a conservative Democrat. Check out his record. The ONLY thing he sees eye-to-eye with the "Left" on is the war. There is NO WAY any progressive person should support him for House majority anything.

And I agree with you: The Dems need to "come out" FOR gay marriage in a big way. It's a civil rights issue.

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