Monday, July 17, 2006
Make Believe Grown Up
Even though Drew and I moved to a new town together and purchased a condo, it took getting married to make me feel "adult." We only had to fill out one immigration form during our honeymoon, we are now a "household" and each other's emergency contact. WOW. The magnitude of insurance, beneficiary and accountability has hit me. Marriage is EXCITING...but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. So, my body is responding to the stress. Last night I had a horrible dream that Drew had an undiagnosed staph infection. The infection led to a mental disability.


I woke up totally terrified*. Now, I don't even know if that is a realistic medical scenario. I don't care. Scary.

I'm sure this is totally normal...right?!

* It should be known that I almost never remember my dreams. But I remember this one b/c it was THAT scary.


Blogger quakerdave said...

As Morpheus said: "Welcome to the real world."

In about three weeks, my sweetie and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary. I still remember those early days. It IS exciting! Yes, it is scary. Yes, it is normal to be nervous.

And yes, it is the very best thing you will ever do.

So glad you're back!

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