Sunday, July 23, 2006
W is busy
President Bush is a busy man. Too busy to help out in Lebanon/Isreal-much too busy to chat with Syria (even though they've requested a chit chat). Too busy to pay much attention to North Korea.

Yep. He's busy protecting embryos and entertaining American Idols.

Phew. Glad I don't have his job.


Anonymous Kourt said...

How stressed he must be.....

Anonymous privatjokr said...

Hmmmmmm, get on a plane and head to the desert....OR sit at home and let Katharine McPrivatjokr come to me...

No, you're right. My foreign policy would reign supreme.

You're priorities are totally out of whack. But, on the bright side, you're delightful about it. Which is nice.

Blogger kristen said...

you need to get your katharine mcprivatjokr some medicine. word is she has to miss the trip due to laryngitis. talk about stressed.

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