Thursday, August 03, 2006
Kristen for President
This may suprise you, but when I was in high school I was very involved in student government. Very. My interest in local, local, local politics has waned quite a bit, hence, I have yet to plan my five year high school reunion (a requirement of being senior class president) even though our ten year reunion is quickly approaching. However, I would be willing to go back to high school if I could be on THIS show.

A Mary Matalin/James Carville reality show?! Oh. My. God.

Sure, sure...this is really going to f*ck up whatever high school allows the show but WOW HOW FUN.


Anonymous Kourt said...

Um...did you not spell check that? I am shaking my head at you :)

Blogger Kris said...

I can hardly take it. This makes me want to go back to high school, Josie Geller style.

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