Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Sanctity of Marriage

So, I have this friend* and he has a co-worker who has this stupid bumper sticker. He refers to the car as the Honda of Hate. Well, yesterday a work place party revealed that the driver of the car has been married FOUR times. Yes. FOUR.

I just can't stop laughing....

*all identities and car models have been changed


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oo man that just cracks me up, who would drive around w/ something like that on their car...seriously douchebag

Anonymous kourt said...

so it should read Marriage: 1 man and 4 women???

Anonymous peter said...

4 women. Ha. Clearly you're all right. Get him a man, then he won't have such a problem staying married. Well done. The logic is flawless.

I kid I kid.

Blogger binerman said...

That's great ;o) Last week Claude and I were downtown at Walkers on a saturday afternoon and a groom and best men were there. The groom was getting shitfaced before his wedding! He can do it irresponsibly and we can't even do it at all, what a world...

I hope he threw up on her at the alter

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