Friday, September 01, 2006
Academic Year Resolutions
A blog I read has a brilliant idea--setting academic resolutions for herself, her research and her teaching. I like it...maybe these are resolutions I will actually keep.

...Unlike "learning all the words to My Sharona."


Anonymous drew said...

i thought you wanted to learn "come on eileen"

Blogger quakerdave said...

I have done this for the last several years, and find it to be a very useful exercise. I do a 'teaching goals" list and a "personal goals" list, the second being more work-related (not like New Year's resolutions, for example). I keep a copy in my planbook. I might even post mine on my blog this year, if I'm feeling brave...

Maybe this year I'll actually meet all of them. Last year, I hit 7 out of 10, I think.

Blogger kristen said...

oh wonder i never learned the words. you're right, drew!

QD: 7 out of 10 is great! i doubt i'll even have 10 goals! i set the bar low :)

Anonymous peter said...

I have a culinary resolution. Not sure when to start it though.

And I'm sitting on a resolution that will accrue from 1/1/07: Keep looking after you find something. Never again will I be frustrated because that which I sought after was in the last placed I looked!!!

For now, I remain frustrated. The new year cannot come soon enough!

Blogger kristen said...

Culinary resolution..very interesting.

And you dont have to start resolutions on the 1st. START NOW...DON'T WAIT

Anonymous peter said...

Sorry. My main resolution in 2006 was to not start any resolutions until Jan. 1.

So far so good!

Anonymous drew said...

that's funny.

Anonymous lili said...

my family is funnyyyy

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