Thursday, September 21, 2006
A word about compromise
K: As I was driving home a driver was riding my bumper but I didn't slam on my breaks. I know you hate that.

D: Really? I'm proud of you.

K: I just drove as slowly as I could to teach the driver a lesson.

D: Oh. Great.


Blogger Kourtney said...

First of all, if no one is in the back seat, what is wrong with slamming on your breaks?!?!

Secondly, I am proud of your seem to be really growing as a person!

Blogger kristen said...


Anonymous i do not approve said...

please tell me you are not taking driving advice from your sister.

What does slamming on your breaks actually accomplish? Obviously your goal is not for me to hit you, or it wouldn't be nearly as fun of a game. So you get pissed I'm on your bumper, you slam on your breaks and I get pissed? But what if I don't get pissed? Ahhhhh, think about that one...

Blogger kristen said...

in a way, i actually hope that they hit me. we aren't going fast enough to do serious damage.

but i know that is borderline crazy.

i guess i just hope to scare them--that they *almost* hit me. AND i hope to annoy them. but i think it is more annoying to go super slow. so i'm going to do that for now on.

basically i just want to send a message that they suck as a driver.

Blogger kristen said...

OH...and i don't buy that they don't get pissed. if they are pissed enough that i am only driving 5 over the speed limit to ride my ass...they would really be pissed if i made them back off for fear of an accident.

Anonymous tailgater. said...

You missed my point. EVERYONE taps their brakes when a car is that close to them. No one actually stops. The tailgating driver will tap his brakes as well, and then resume tailgating. It is not effective conflict resolution. You are more flustered by the tailgating car behind you than he is by you tapping your brakes. And by going slowly, it is you who is the bad driver, not he who is behind you.

Blogger kristen said...

no, no missed MY point :)

i don't care if i am percieved as a bad driver. i know the truth and it has set me free.... so i will drive super slow b/c i know and the tailgater knows the reason.

also...i wouldn't really call what i do to tailgaters as "tapping." BUT either way, I would say that i'm not trying to resolve the conflict...just be as big of a pain in their ass as they are in mine.

oh...and to scare drew.

Anonymous terrified passenger said...

aha! the real reason has surfaced!

Anonymous you guys are funny said...

reading these exchanges has made my night. love you all! come visit and i'll make you a baguette. acs

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