Friday, October 20, 2006
Fun Day Friday*
Ok, when my brain is under extreme academic stress, I can only really post nonsense**. So with that feeble excuse, Ladies and Gentleman, I present you post o' fun.

First up-bumper stickers. I've long thought bumper stickers were interesting nonverbal markers of identity. Since moving to Athens, I've seen some *interesting* ones. Proud Parent of a Vegitarian. Think Global, Act Local right next to a W. And today....I Brew The Beer I Drink. I'm not passing judgment. I just think its weird. I mean, can any cause get a bumper sticker? Really? Because I'm about to bust out with my I Study Speech Communication and, No, I Don't Want to Be Katie Couric sticker.

Next--I miss a lot of things about the north. I miss my family....friends...Democrats...brunettes...drivers who wave a friendly thank you when you let them into a long line of traffic*** and crunchy leaves. It is SO weird to walk through a pile of freshly fallen leaves and have them not crunch under foot. Why aren't our leaves crunchy? Is it because they aren't frozen?

Third--is that song I put my hand upon your hip, when you dip we dippty dip making a come back? I've heard it twice in the past two days. And I probably listen to a total of 5 minutes of music radio a day. What the heck is going on?!

Last- FRAGGLE ROCK IS GOING TO BE A MOVIE. HOLY COW. I was part of the Fraggle Rock cult before I even knew there was a cult and I cannot WAIT to see Red in all her crazy haired glory. This really makes me EXCITED. Can you TELL?!?!****

* Because language shapes reality, I often tell my students that we are experiencing a "fun day Friday" and they seem to get all crazy and pumped about speech communication. So I figured the same bullshit would work on you all.

**And since Nicole killed any legitimacy with her comment on my last post, I figured I could really write about anything.

*** This is the thing people--I did something NICE. I don't do that a lot and I would thank you very much to put your damn hand in the air and show some appreciation.

****When I am excited, I use LOTS of capital letters!


Blogger lesley wilson said...

a bumper sticker fav
"democrats are sexy.
who ever heard of a nice piece of elephant?"

Blogger Kourtney said...

I am missing the leaves right now as well. I am actually excited to go home and rake just b/c I want to be in the leaves SO badly! should come home too!!!

Anonymous Nicole said...

How did i kill your legit? i thought you wanted me to add a little pizazz to the ole blog... i'll be on better behavior next time. I miss the north, too. not too much longer til break!

Anonymous Alicia said...

Oh, you just made me so happy!!Fraggle Rock is awesome!!
I used to watch it on saturday afternoons, back in Spain, when I was a kid. My sister and I even had this dance we HAD to do when the music started. The last part of the choreography was a big jump towards the couch so we could be settled right before the show started.
I'm so gonna do a tiny version of the dance at the theater!
Oh, and the new look is very nice :)

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