Thursday, October 26, 2006
Halloween as told by a nerd
I've long been tortured by Halloween. As someone who is not creative, not crafty and not overly funny, it is always difficult for me to think of costumes. It would be easy to blame my mother who stripped me of my creative juices when I was younger and forced me to be whatever ridiculous costume she thought of. There was the family of California raisins....the bags of trash...ah memories. We weren't really encouraged to "think of our own costumes" so to speak. But, let's be honest....I'm also pretty darn lazy. I don't want an arduous costume--one that restricts my ability to be social. In that respect, I'm pretty limited. Don't get me wrong, I've had moments of Halloween glory. There was the group of feminist "girls gone wild" a few years ago. We hung out in Georgetown with our Mardi Gras beads and normal bar clothing and lifted up our shirts to reveal our CENSORED tube tops much to the disappointment of many people.

The struggles continutes this year. As our graduate school party approached this year, talk of costumes dominated our household conversations. When Drew asked if there was anyway to tie in a funny "academic reference" my eyes lit up. It really got me thinking.

ME: OH! We could dress as Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger. You know...Arendt...the political philosopher? Well, supposedly she had a love affair with Heidegger who was a Natzi sympathizer and she was Jewish. Oh man *nerdy giggle* this could work....
DREW: ...blank stare....
ME: Oh...right....I'm just kidding

Drew also refused to go as "fluid sexuality" as he thought he would just look like a woman.

So...I kept working....

And then...I thought of THIS book. One of my favorites.

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN....I present you with.....


Ok, the picture doesn't show much of the female part--the hot heels and the great jeans. But it does show my Hitler'esque mustache which prompted my classmate to ask if I was a femiNatzi. I wasn't...but I know what I'll be next year!
And here I am hanging out with the gay agenda* and a prom queen

*He had all sort of post it notes on him--like "Have sex with animals," "You'll be next," and "Sex with children"
** More pictures can be seen through the picture link to the right


Anonymous classy said...

two quick comments.
1) Why didn't you post a picture of you IN your Halloween costume?
2) Remind me next year to go with you to that party as some gasoline powered watercraft so I may motorboat the prom queen.

Blogger kristen said...

come on now...that mustache looks totally different from my normal look. drew can't stop laughing at the motorboat comment.

Blogger Kourtney said...

Mom wants to know "where you came from" :) (I told her about your costume!!!)

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