Sunday, October 08, 2006
Listen Carefully
...because you're about to hear the fun being sucked out of the political air.

This message is to all the lefty bloggers, pundits and voters who insist on making fun of Foley, Hastert and the other Republicans who are involved in the Foley sex scandal...

Sexual harrassment? Not so funny. Neither is sexaul assault or sexual abuse. When we make jokes we not only minimize the situation but we normalize it. We have the public too busy laughing to take note of the gross abuse of power that continuously goes on (on both sides of the aisle) in Washington. PUT YOUR ATTENTION ELSEWHERE. Stop calling it a "cocktober suprise" and start calling it sexual abuse. Discourse shapes reality. Okay? That means if we talk about sexual assault as a joke, we will continue to treat it like a joke.


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