Sunday, October 29, 2006
More words about the Dixie Chicks

Ok, you folks know I *heart* the chicks. (I'll be going to see them in a month!). I loved them before they were outspoken anti-war/anti-Bush activists and am profoundly stunned by the treatment of the band in recent years. Yet, I am also sickly fascinated by the public's treatment of the women and think it speaks to not only our failure to really respect freedom of speech but also to respect outspoken women.....

Well, the saga continues.

NBC is refusing to air an advertisment for the Dixie Chick's new documentary "Shut Up and Sing." Not refusing to air the documentary....but an advertisement for the documentary. AN. ADVERTISEMENT. “NBC’s commercial clearance department said in writing that it ‘cannot accept these spots as they are disparaging to President Bush.’”


LOOK at this dangerous clip. And then go write a letter or something.


Blogger Kourtney said...

I can not WAIT to see this!!! I hope it comes to Chicago ASAP!

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