Monday, October 09, 2006
Yelling Sweet Nothings
I've often heard that for every weakness, we have an equally powerful strength. I buy it. Case in point:

I have bad eyesight. Practically blind bad. If I don't have my contacts in I can't read the clock which is about 4 inches from my face. But my hearing? WATCH OUT. My ears are so sensitive. senSAtive. Let me tell ya.

I can hear the downstairs television word for word when I am upstairs with the door shut. I often answer my student's questions when they are whispering them to their neighbor and I always used to listen to my parent's phone conversations when I was young--even when relegated to my room. So I'm nosey and a good listener...or is it hearer.

EITHER WAY....the hearing thing would be a good thing except it rears its ugly head in the most inconvenient moments.

I can't stand loud music and screaming crowds. I get overly anxious and the noise seems to be reverberating through my body. This is probably the reason I like chill, quiet music and rarely go to large venue concerts. But even ears are SO SO squirmy*. You know those sweet nothings that are supposed to be whispered in your ear? Yeah? Well Drew has to stand downstairs and whisper them. Near the tv. He can't get anywhere close to the actual ear with the breathy sound of a secret. No siree. I squirm and shriek like there's a bug in my ear.

It is most inconvenient. I'll never be part of a cute couple talking in hushed voices. Bummer.

*yes that is the OFFICIAL term. they're MY ears.


Blogger Kourtney said...

Um I just pictured you and Drew being that cute couple saying sweet nothings and EWWW...thank heavens you aren't we all like you a lot more now ;)

Anonymous peter said...

Looks like Drew has a get-out-of-jail-free card. Score. Note to self, find a girl who is ultrasensitive to sound...and jewelry.

Anonymous lili said...

yeah, i second kourtney's comment, kinda glad you guys are cute in a non-nauseating kind of way

Blogger Sarah said...

when i was reading this i was picturing drew mouthing sweet nothings like the cell phone commericals where the service goes out...but the people are still talking..i dont know i thought it was funny so i shared:)

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