Thursday, November 23, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving!
Discomfort with flying and fear of failing out of graduate school grounded us in GA this holiday. And although we missed our families a great deal, we had a perfectly Drew and Kristen holiday. We decided that our first holiday as a married couple brought an opportunity to relax in our own home and invent new holiday traditions.

I welcome you to a very, merry Kristen and Drew Thanksgiving:

We have cranberries, too....with Prosecco!:

And lots of movie watching (reviews forthcoming):

And since pies are not to be trusted, Drew made CHEESECAKES! Yummy:

Happy Thanksgiving!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEA and YUM:) Hope you had a great day...

Anonymous Crazy in Columbus said...

I think you are on to something here... have a spot on the table for this turkey next year? No more holiday traveling (to places with little kids) for me!

I miss you cant wait to see you in just a couple days. Lets put our smart hats on and finish the semester on our terms!

Blogger kristen said...

we will surely have a spot...and a glass....with alcohol in it...

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