Monday, November 06, 2006
Some words about vacationing
When I was in high school, my family went to Florida on a family trip. After we braved the Olympic traffic in Atlanta and I battled a pretty disgusting bout of food poisoning in southern Georgia, we arrived all full of optimism and adventure. My mom was heavy on the adventure.

My mom is very scared of water. Something about falling out of a boat as a young child....who knows... All I know is I've never even known my mom to take a bath in my 27 years of life. She prefers the fully upright showering approach. But for some reason on this trip, she decides she is going to snorkel. SNORKEL. In water. Something about doing things as a family while we are on a family vacation. My sister and I just played along. "sure, sure....this will be great, mom"

We get all suited up...go through the training video. Clop out to the water in our wet suits and flippers all the while my sister and I keep asking my brave [vacationing] mother if she is "all right." The breaths coming from the mask were getting shorter and more panicked and pretty soon she flopped back into the club house to recover from her anxiety attack in private. Ah yes, the look of that water sent her into her own vacationing hell.

My mother learned a very important lesson that day....we don't become different people simply because we are in a different state.


You are on a "mancation." Yes, all bets are off on mancations.

As the two wives left behind, we settled in to watch the football game with some wine and keen eyes to spot our husbands in the hyped up crowd. As the game ended in victory, we saw lots of young fans charge the field.

"do you think they would charge the field?..."

" think that's something only young people do....drew barely even yells at sporting events. he's more of a subdued fan..."

*phone rings*


ok then....


Anonymous drew said...

i turned around and there he was, so i told him "great game coach" and i shook his hand.

Blogger Kourtney said...


PS: lets not forget you sat in the FRONT seat of a roller coaster that same trip ;)

Blogger kristen said...


Anonymous peter said...

Ummmm we prefer the term personcation. Thank you.

Blogger alison claire said...

I got a phone call from Susan saying she thought Drew MIGHT have rushed the field.... She saw some of his friends do it, but she didn't really think he would have.

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