Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Stop saying stupid things
Dear Mainstream [conservative] Media and Republican TalkingHeads:

Will you please stop saying ridiculous things like "these new Democrats are so conservative" to make yourselves feel better?


Look folks, you don't get it both don't get to claim during the RACES that these candidates are so liberal they don't represent American values and then claim in the POST election punditry that the people are really just conservatives under a different name.

May I remind you that we have an honest to god socialist in the Senate? A SOCIALIST. Self-proclaimed of course....Sure, Sure...he's technically an "independent" but he's still going to caucus with the Democrats.

I would continue but I just need to say two things (a) I'm a VERY liberal democrat and I have no fears that the senate is going to stay some sort of conservative cess pool and (b) look at this DailyKos post and see all the smart things HE has to say about it.

It's fine, party people, we can sleep well tonight.


Blogger quakerdave said...

This stuff cracks me up. Last week, Nancy Pelosi as Speaker meant the coming of the Endtimes. Now, it's either 1) no big deal, 2) because real Republicans stayed home, 3) the GOP isn't conservative enough, 4) the fault of the liberal media, or 5) it's John McCain's fault.

That last one c/o Viagraboy Limbaugh.


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