Friday, November 24, 2006
A word about change
D: I'm really starting to like this Coke Zero...
K: Really? I don't trust it.
D: I know! I used to think it was the devil's drink. ...*big drink* apparently I am morally flexible!



Anonymous The Bad Grad Student said...

Some might say that I am "morally flexible" as well - I'll drink to that! See you in ONE day!

Anonymous peter said...

I am not sure how you do it, but you make married life sound truly glamorous. You are an inspiration to single people everywhere.

On a not unrelated note, I wonder if Blogspot would ever consider letting me check a box that would make my comment appear with a giant flashing marquee displaying the word "Sarcasm."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

peter is funny

Anonymous morally flexible said...

look: single, married, whatever...coke zero is ridiculous. it's like drinking pure magic.

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