Sunday, December 03, 2006
Chicks Dig It
Last night Becca and I ventured into Atlanta to see the Dixie Chicks! This concert has been a long time coming...we were supposed to go to the concert in October but they had to condense tour dates and so they bumped their ATL shows to December. We got to the arena nice and early and it paid off! Instead of having a view like THIS:

We had a view like THIS: (Hi Natalie)
Yep, we got an upgrade. A BIG upgrade. We were so close that at one point, Natalie's twin boys were dancing NEXT TO US. I have pictures but feel weird about having pictures of someone else's kids. I feel a little like the paparazzi so I'm not going to post them.

The chicks were GREAT. They played a very long set and hit all my favorites. They weren't overtly political save for their lyrics and their stage entrance--they came out to Hail To the Chief. But they were extremely gracious and careful. But not too careful--they still have a lot of sass! Plus, you can tell how strong they are when they play a two hour show in THESE shoes.

Overall, the chicks were funny, engaging, talented and extremely beautiful. SO beautiful.
Kinda like the concert goers :)....

* more pictures in my shutterfly account


Lubbock Or Leave It
Truth No. 2
Goodbye Earl
The Long Way Around
Everybody Knows
The Neighbor
Cowboy Take Me Away
White Trash Wedding
Lil’ Jack Slade
Not Ready to Make Nice
Easy Silence
Long Time Gone
Some Days You Gotta Dance
I Hope
Top of the World
Wide Open Spaces
Sin Wagon
Travelin’ Soldier
Ready to Run

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH MAN! I am so jealous!!! Glad that it was Why/how the upgrade?!?!

Blogger kristen said...

Well...the nice little red state we live in...the concert didn't sell out and as we were heading up to our seats (in the upper deck) a woman asked us if we wanted to upgrade. we said YES!

Anonymous Nostalgic Nicole said...

Oh, landslide.... oh, memories. Lindsay, Mandy and I used to play that at our "first stop" bar in St. Peter... the bar was called The Embassy, I do believe.... but we were pretty happening back then and just referred to it as "The E." Oh, good old times with the DC in a hole in the wall watering hole...

Anonymous Jazz said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

the chicks are aweosme i saw them here in Australia.. it rocked my world...

p.s sorri to coreect you but Natalie's boys are not twins! lol

Blogger kristen said...

ooppps, you're right, jazz!

she just has two boys!

martie and emily have twins...but they are girls and a girl/boy. hmmm, maybe we weren't that close after all! they looked like twin boys!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man I hate when people think siblings are twins when they are clearly not. What a lame pick up line that people try to use ;) (Not that I am accusing you of trying to pick up those little boys b/c that is gross and not your style, or is it? but just remembering the number of times we were called twins when clearly we aren't.) Did I say times b/c I mean Time...just once :)

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